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Virtual Engine Dyno Affiliate Program

  • Instant and Automatic Signup

  • Earn $10 for each purchase from your website (compare to other sites that only offer pennies on the dollar)

  • Cookie Tracking - Commissions paid even if a referral makes purchase on an later visit by directly entering our website.

  • Very high purchase to visitor ratio

  • Live stats admin screen for impressions, click thru and purchases made.

  • Instant and Automated email notification for each purchase

  • Monthly payout with no minimums

  • We handle all the customer service and order fulfillment.


How it works

You choose the banner and code to put on your website. When a visitor comes to our site via the banner, a cookie is written to their browser.

If the visitor makes a purchase on that visit or a return visit within 30 days, the cookie reads the referral.

We use a third party tracking software that allows users to view referrals, purchases, visits and commissions at any time.


Available Banners






Existing Account Login

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If you would like to see how the Affiliate console operates, you can login for a demo above by using User ID: 1 and Password: mypassword. Please do not change the password though, as other users would not be able to view the example


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if you have any questions, please email us at techhelp@virtualengine2000.com

Thank you!

Challenger Engine Software


Sales: Sales@virtualengine2000.com

Technical Support: Techhelp@virtualengine2000.com


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